Ola Asaad
Ola Asaad is a Jordanian CBT Therapist, TV personality, Entrepreneur, and Athlete. She is the founder and owner of Quality of life Nutrition and eating disorders center and the owner of the first of its kind shop Primrose healthy food shop Asaad holds a Master’s Degree in Eating Disorders and Obesity from the UK and is a registered expert and member of the British Dietetic Association. Ola found that there is a deeper aspect than just following any diet, and therefore, she decided to combine psychology with nutrition science and became the first nutritionist in Jordan to psychologically help individuals overcome eating disorders and patterns. On-Screen Asaad co-presents the famous television show Doctors of Jordan and she also appeared on many local and international TV channels such as; BBC, Roya, and Al-Mamlaka. Ola is a kickboxer champion; she represented Jordan at the 2016 World Championships in Korea and won second place. Asaad also participated in several local and international marathons in London, Paris, and New York. Asaad is a TEDx speaker and she uses her social media pages to spread awareness and empower youth and women.
Dietitians & Nutritionists
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